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CSUF Student And Award-Winning Artist Josephine Josephine Hernandez Overcomes Visual Impairment

By Lauren Diaz, Daily Titan Josephine “Joey” Hernandez was a sophomore in high school with a passion for drawing when her vision started deteriorating to the point of almost complete blindness, focusing her to walk with a cane. Despite this abrupt change, life for Hernandez is the same as usual, with just a few minor adjustments. Hernandez, a 19-year-old second-year communications major, is severely

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Lifelong Learner

"Lifelong Learner - Peter A. Mindnich, Braille Institute of America Inc." By Diane Haithman, Los Angeles Business Journal Montana cowboy J. Robert Atkinson lost his vision in his mid-20s during a visit to his mother in Los Angeles. “He was packing his weapons and (a pistol) went off. He was blinded instantly,” said Peter A. Mindnich, president of the Braille Institute of America Inc., which

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A Sensory Adventure At Cavalia Odysseo

On January 10, students in Braille Institute Santa Barbara’s Youth Program had a rare opportunity to experience an amazing and moving adventure at Cavalia Odysseo. The students were guided by Odysseo artists through a sensory journey created specifically for individuals with low vision or blindness. Cavalia Odysseo is a theatrical production featuring 65 horses and 50 artists. They travel the world performing these equestrian shows

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Exposing A World Of Adventure Through Orientation and Mobility

Moving was an adventure for the whole family. As the daughter of a service member in the United States Navy, Keema Mc Clung moved around a lot, giving her the opportunity to see a number of places in the US. As an Orientation and Mobility Specialist with Braille Institute San Diego, she is able to share her love of experiencing the world with people who

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Braille Institute Youth Participate in Winter Concert

The Johnny Mercer Children’s Choir and the Anaheim Christian Reformed Church Choir held a winter concert on December 16. The Braille Institute youth students from Los Angeles and Orange County performed five songs before joining the ACR Choir in singing holiday songs like “Joy To The World”. It was a beautiful concert, led by directors Scarlett Brais and Pieter Goedhart.

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Sherlock Holmes Book Club

The lights flickered on. There was a methodical tap, tap, tap outside. A static crackle. A slow creak of a door and then a whoosh as it opened. Voices could be heard in varying degrees. Nothing mysterious here, just Braille Institute students joining the Sherlock Holmes Book Club in person or remotely! Every Thursday, during the Fall semester, students would participate in Braille Institute Santa

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Construction Underway For New Anaheim Center

On October 12, we broke ground on our new Anaheim campus, which has been designed to meet the unique needs of individuals experiencing sight loss.  City and county representatives, including Mayor Tom Tait, and City Council Members Denise Barnes and Stephen Faessel, joined in celebrating this milestone. City officials approved plans to rebuild at the same location of our property in southwest Anaheim.  Our original

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Sharing A Message of Independence

As Community Outreach Specialist at Braille Institute Rancho Mirage, Stephanie Cardenas takes on the challenge of dispelling misconceptions about Braille Institute and their students. With reasons close to her heart, she embraces her position, going out into the community on a daily basis to share how Braille Institute can help people with visual impairments live independently. “I’m always letting people know that Braille Institute changed

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Set Your Sight on Braille Institute: Low Vision Consultation Opens Doors

By Ellen Jones As the end of the year approaches, many of us find ourselves reflecting on our accomplishments over the past year and honoring those who have been there for us. At Braille Institute Rancho Mirage, we are very grateful for the many financial donors who have continued to support our outreach to the community over the years. Their contributions have allowed us to

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Los Angeles Welcomes New Art Instructors

Acrylics. Ink. Paper Mache. Clay. Tile. Fabric. Name the medium, and chances are Braille Institute art students have it at their fingertips. To facilitate and create the arts program offered at the Los Angeles Center, two new Creative Arts Instructors, Noah Haytin and Simone Montemurno, have been hired. "The opportunity to work as a conduit for artistic creativity between people that are varyingly and differently

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