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The iBraille Practice App is a free app created to bring braille and digital literacy together. Through the app, using an iPad and a refreshable braille display, students can practice and hone their braille literacy skills anywhere, anytime!

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An image from the iBraille Challenge Practice app and a refreshable Braille display

How It Works

The iBraille Challenge Practice App is based on the Braille Challenge, a national academic competition in which students are tested on fundamental braille literacy skills such as reading comprehension, spelling, speed and accuracy, and proofreading.

The App reflects the Braille Challenge contests and helps enhance braille literacy skills by enabling students to practice anywhere and anytime, assessing their skills level, providing immediate feedback, and monitoring progress over time.

How to Start

  1. Download the app onto your iPad.
  2. Connect to WiFi and pair your iPad with your refreshable braille display (watch video).
  3. Open the app and create a login
  4. Log in and start using the iBraille Challenge Practice App!
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