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Teacher of the Year for Excellence in Braille Instruction

Every year, Braille Institute recognizes teachers of the visually impaired for their hard work, dedication, and innovation. The Teacher of the Year for Excellence in Braille Instruction award is an opportunity for all Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) to be recognized on a national level for the indelible contribution they make on students who are blind or have severe vision loss.

Any teacher of the visually impaired in the US or Canada can be nominated by peers, students, or others. The Teacher of the Year is selected by The Braille Challenge National Advisory Committee! For more information, contact Jacky Garcia at jgarcia@brailleinstitute.org or (323) 906-3104

The 2018 Teacher of the Year is Jeri Hile 

Jeri Hile, Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Shawnee Mission, Kansas

The recipient of the 2018 Teacher of the Year Award for Excellence in Braille Instruction is Jeri Hile, of Shawnee Mission, Kansas! Jeri currently works within Shawnee Mission Public Schools as a TVI. Her background includes an extensive study of Nemeth code, teaching a combination of abacus, braille writer, and mental math for computation. She has developed protocols for reading and interpreting charts and graphs and teaches braille writer techniques to access trigonometry, geometry, and graphing.

Jeri also specializes in preparing students for college and careers, by focusing on key skills for transition to post-secondary education.  Her days consist of ceasing each learning moment to hone self-advocacy skills, meeting with teachers and other key stakeholders to further support each student.  Moreover, she takes responsibility for obtaining instructional materials and deciding how materials will be accessed across multiple disciplines. Jeri’s love for promoting braille literacy goes beyond the classroom experience. She is an amazing educator and highly respected by her peers, students, families and other educators. Jeri students have made it to The Braille Challenge Finals several years. She loves what the Braille Challenge does for students’ motivation and socialization skills.

“I feel it’s important to involve families as much as possible in the educational process. Families know their children best, so it is imperative that they are involved. The school, the family, and the student all must work together as a team in order to provide the best educational outcome for the student.” – Jeri Hile, 2018 Teacher of the Year Awardee.

Past “Teacher of the Year” winners

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  • 2010 – Rosalind Rowley, Massachusetts
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  • 2008 – James Nezol, Oregon
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  • 2006 – Graham Cook, British Columbia
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