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2016-2017 SC Catalog

What is the special collection?

The Braille Special Collection program is designed
to increase braille literacy and foster a love of
reading by providing blind and visually impaired
children with FREE braille books and
storybook kits throughout the year.

Who can receive the special collection?

Any visually impaired child living in the United
States or Canada is eligible to receive books from
the Special Collection. VI teachers or educators
may also subscribe to our Special Collection
through our program Partners in Literacy

How many books can be ordered?

• A total of 4 braille-only books* from Grades
PreK–9 and the General Interest sections
• 1 Dots for Tots® kit and 1 braille-only book
• 1 TOP DOT™ book and 1 braille-only book
• 1 TacTales® kit and 1 braille-only book
*Braille books consisting of five volumes or longer,
will be counted as two selections

Is there any charge for the books?

The books are completely free of charge for any
blind/visually impaired child or VI teacher by
signing up for the Special Collection.

How many times will I receive a catalog?

The Braille Special Collection produces a catalog
three times per year (Spring, Summer and
Fall/Winter). Subscribers may order up to 12
books over the course of a year.


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